Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Beats You to Death Pre-order

So after a little debate of doing it or not, I decided to put "Beats You to Death, Vol. 1" up for pre-order with two tracks as an immediate download and streaming to give you guys a preview of it. It drops proper on March 16th on all digital outlets, and I'm pretty pumped to share it with everyone.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Beats You to Death...

As announced a million years ago I was working on a production album called "Beats You to Death" which was to feature a who's who of all of the rappers I'm friends with over my production. For one reason or another though the project never got off the ground. I made a ton of beats for this project though. Some ended up on other projects while some just sat all by themselves all lonely on my hard drive collecting dust. With that said, I'm jumping into the beat tape scene with those beats under that title. "Beats You to Death" will be released on March 16th via Raw Bar Records on all digital outlets. The majority of the beats were intended for the original version of "Beats You to Death", but I've decided it will be the first in an ongoing series of beat tapes under that title. So, if you like just listening to instrumentals or you want to rap on some of my shit on the super cheap, this is it (I have beats available for purchase HERE though). However, for the rapping part, don't let me catch you trying to officially release what you did as songs, I will shut that shit down. A free download on your Soundcloud is perfectly fine though.

Now speaking of my production and my label, we just released a collection of older material from my good friend John Ryder called "The Archives, Vol. 1". It's on all streaming formats and as a free download posted below. If you enjoy the older stuff we've had in the vaults all this time, we're sure you'll like the new stuff John and myself have coming later this year.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

John Ryder "The Archives, Vol. 1"

Hey, so if you're familiar with my first album "The Earth Man's Curse", you've heard the song "In the End..." featuring John Ryder that closes out the album. John was one of my earliest collaborators when I started to take producing seriously, so it was important and an honor to have him on my album. After recording that song with him, we started working on new material which is being released later this year as "Johnny" on Raw Bar Records. We have a long history together making music, but unfortunately basically none of it got to see the light of day. At least not in the capacity we wanted it to. We recorded a lot of material together in the early to mid 2000's when he was going by the name S.O.T. (Son of Thunder). John was also working with another producer based here in South Eastern Connecticut called Doc Ether, which they recorded a good amount of material as well.

So here's what I'm getting at: to work as reintroduction of sorts and to prepare everyone for our upcoming release, John and I decided to start collecting our old material, make it available on all of your favorite streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.) and as a free download on the Raw Bar Records site. "The Archives, Vol. 1" features John Ryder over production by himself, Doc Ether and myself. It also features one song with one of the first rappers I ever worked with, Skittles, now known as Product of Nature. Below is a snippet of the song "Seein' Blind" produced by me. "The Archives, Vol. 1" releases on Friday, February 23.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Playlist Curating...

I've started doing a super exciting thing! I'm curating a few Spotify playlists on my page there. OK, not THAT exciting maybe because it's just something I do for myself on my personal account, but this one playlist is going to work like your "Discovery" one. So, if you don't have a Spotify account, you can sign up HERE for free or get a premium account. I suggest the premium account personally.

So this playlist is called "Just the Music, Please" and it highlights instrumental artists that I'm a fan of and inspired by, and for the hell of it even a song of my own thrown in there. There's 20 songs and I'll be updating this on a weekly basis. By updating, I mean completely revamping it with all new songs every week. So hopefully this helps you find new music you enjoy. I've embedded below, but to stay up to date with it, follow it (and me as an artist) over on Spotify.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Settling "The Score"...

So about 6 years ago (yikes, seems like yesterday!), I did the unthinkable and probably one of the disrespectful yet thankful acts in music history. I removed all of Pras' verses from the Fugees classic 6 times platinum sophomore album, "The Score". Nothing personal against the guy, but it's been the opinion of most people that we has the weakest link out of the three. I mean Wyclef and Lauryn Hill were in their prime on this album. "The Score" is considered to be a perfect album by many, myself included, but with one major flaw. The dude who sounds like The Count with the last verse on many of the songs. Usually myself and other DJ's, when playing these records at our gigs, we would cut the song before Pras' verses.

So, long story short, after a lot of conversing with friends and peers I went home one night, ripped my CD of "The Score" into my computer (again) as .wav files, brought them into good old ACID Pro (which was the DAW I used at the time) and proceeded to edit out Pras' verses from the entire album, including all of the "Fu-Gee-La" remixes. One song I was worried about the most was "Cowboys" because he shares a verse with Young Zee of The Outsidaz where they back and forth with four bars each. With some simple stitching and removal of Pras, Young Zee's verse still somehow flowed perfectly and made sense. I uploaded to Mediafire, it got taken down. I uploaded it to Megaupload, they're whole site got taken down (not because of this, I'm nowhere near important enough). It hasn't really been on the internet since. Someone else had it on their blog with my face and name Photoshopped from the cover taking credit for it not too long ago, but I can't find it anymore.

So! Without anymore of this long stupid story, allow me to present to you, once again in all of its Pras-less glory, hosted on my own site and back by popular demand, "The Score: The Pras-less Mix"!

Again, nothing personal against the guy, but his verses really stunk the joint out. I have heard from many sources that was the business mind of the group and I do have respect for him on that end and being involved in one of the most successful rap groups of all time with classics under their belt.
Friday, January 5, 2018

It's Been a Long Time...

Well, it's been a really long time. I stopped using this site (and service) since I went and made myself a "big boy" site (I also haven't logged in since then!). But I kind of missed posting random bullshit. Social media is cool, I guess, but I don't know. So! There is zero direction I'm going in with this blog. It will literally be a combination of news and info of upcoming releases I'm working on, random food shit (recipes, reviews, etc.), rants, wrestling shit and who knows what else.

I'm going to get this "first" entry off with some good old fashioned music news! I released my second album, "Get Off the Earth" this past July (available everywhere digitally, but I'd prefer you'd obtain it here) as the first release on Raw Bar Records, a label founded by myself and my good friend Benn Grim. I finally have a video in the works for "The Hex" off of that album and working on other visuals as well (including songs from "The Earth Man's Curse" and "The Human Obscene") for live shows and shit. Exciting? Maybe.

As far as new musical project in the works, right now we're finally wrapping up the mixing process on John Ryder's project. He appeared on "The Earth Man's Curse" and is one of my original collaborators from when I first started really making music. We're still deciding on a title and whether it's going to be an EP or a full length. Either way, it's in the final stages, we're working on videos and all of that stuff you do when you're getting ready to release something. It's coming out on Raw Bar Records, bee tee dubs.

I'm not sure which is coming first here, but I have EP's in the works at this very moment with Benn Grim, Erik Lamb and Stryfe. I'll share more information on these releases and they get closer to completion, but I will say the Erik Lamb project is the closest and I'm very proud of this record. These release will also be coming out on Raw Bar.

Solo stuff!! I'm jumping into the whole beat tape thing in April with "Beats You to Death Vol. 1". It will be self released and digital only (Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.). It's a collection of 14 beats meant to rapped on, or just listened to. So this is an opportunity for some of you rapper guys to jump on some of my production on the cheap. Here's the catch though: you can't release what you record over them as "official tracks", as in you can rap on them, but keep it to your Soundcloud account. I will find out if you did otherwise. But yeah, this is going to be an ongoing series that will contain unreleased beats and some you might have heard on other projects.

Remixes, bud! I still like making remixes. So here's two I've done in the past year. The first one is my crack at Big Pun's "Dreamshatterer", which is one of my favorite songs on "Capitol Punishment". The other is a remix of "Amen Ra" by Apathy featuring Celph Titled and the late PH (Pumpkinhead). Enjoy!