Monday, December 1, 2014

The Earth Man's Curse Pre-Order

I'm very excited about this. As of right now you can pre-order my new album "The Earth Man's Curse" right here on this site, which is being released on January 27, 2015. You'll notice on the widget above you can stream a track called "Bring Apocalypse" featuring Blacastan. You can an instant download of that song when you place your pre-order for the album, then the rest of the album on the release date. You can make your purchase by clicking the "buy" link above or just by CLICKING HERE. There you will see some options for just a download, a physical CD copy, and a few t-shirt bundles (that's right, I'm finally stepping into the merch game). Choose which ever one suits your needs.

Speaking of the shirts, they're very limited and ONLY available with these pre-order packages. I'm limiting them to 100, so once they're gone, they're gone. The shirt features the outside album art done by the amazing kiki71 from Belgium. Just below you can see the full outside and inside artwork for the album. You can click on either image to see more of kiki71's work.

"The Earth Man's Curse" drops January 27, 2015 produced entirely by myself featuring appearances by Blacastan, Apathy, Benn Grim, John Ryder, Has-Lo, Grizzly Grimace, elsphinx, Roz Raskin from Roz Raskin and The Rice Cakes, and Erik Lamb. The first single "Respect My Odyssey" with Benn Grim is available now in the store and on iTunes, Spotify and many other digital outlets. DJ's, if you need a radio version and/or instrumental for "Respect My Odyssey", hit the booking email to the right and I'll hook you up.
Saturday, September 20, 2014

Respect My Odyssey

Ladies, gentlemen and everything else, I present to you the first single from my upcoming album "The Earth Man's Curse"! I was going to wait until Tuesday the 23rd to release it, but honestly I just can't wait, the joys of being an independent artist. The song features vocals from my good friend Benn Grim (who started an amazing food blog called Benn Breaks Bread) and it's called "Respect My Odyssey", it's available on my Bandcamp page and available on iTunes. It's on a ton of other digital outlets as well (Spotify, Amazon, LastFM, Beats, and ton of others). So you have some option here. It's .99 on iTunes and you can name your price on Bandcamp where you can also get the clean and instrumental version of the song as well. I have the Bandcamp thing to the right of this page. Radio DJ's, if you need the clean version hit the Bandcamp page and download it for free.

Anyway, I'm very excited to present this song to everybody because it's from an album I've been working on for a very long time and I'm very proud of it. "The Earth Man's Curse" is somewhat of a departure of everything I've done in the past musically. The album features song arrangements, and I really mean arrangements, that aren't like anything I've ever worked on. The whole verse, hook, verse, hook format of hip-hop is completely thrown out the window. Tempo changes, time signature changes, mad other shit in just one song. This version of "Respect My Odyssey" IS NOT on the album. This is the short version of it, to give you an idea of where I went with this album. There's some instrumental tracks and some vocals on some songs provided by Blacastan, Has-Lo, Benn Grim, Grimace, elsphinx, Erik Lamb, John Ryder and Roz Raskin of Roz and The Rice Cakes. I'm currently waiting on artwork from the amazing kiki71 and the album is currently in the mastering stages as I type this. I'm shooting for the first half 2015 for a release. The video for "Respect My Odyssey" is being developed right now as well and will begin shooting soon. If any DJ's want to add this to your radio shows, please contact me by clicking the booking link in the right corner of this page and I'll hook you up with whatever you need. Cheers, enjoy and thanks for the support.
Friday, September 12, 2014

Rock the Coast

I'll be holding down the DJ duties Saturday night, the 13th of September, for a show featuring some good friends of mine at The Oasis Pub in New London, CT. Here's all the info (you can also click on the flyer above for the Facebook event page):

Rap dudes rapping:
Milo, Erik Lamb, Old Self, Skobie Won, Meech and Stryfe.

My homies Camacho and Poe Swayzie are appearing as well.
Friday, September 5, 2014

IAM Fest 8

So one of my most infamous live performances of my career happened four years at IAM Fest right on the pier in New London, CT. I performed my 2010 "Stoopid Animals" album in it's entirety. Swear words, pelvic thrusts and ignorance commentary included. I got into a lot of hot water for it and as far as I know, I'm not allowed to have a microphone at any outside event in New London for as long as I live. However, it was a classic moment and I captivated the majority of the festival goers. They had a good time. In fact, the videos of this performance are in the "videos" section right here on this page. Also, "Stoopid Animals" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and where ever else you can digitally obtain music.

Here's why I'm posting about IAM Fest though: I'm back on the bill for this years installment. This will be my third time appearing at Connecticut's biggest music festival. So many great bands come from everywhere to perform in New London and it's an amazing place to discover new bands or experience bands you like for FREE. Yes, it's free all day long (12pm until 2am, that's a long ass time).

I'm closing out the entire festival at The Oasis Pub with a killer dance party, and that's still free. I'm also the only DJ on the bill (whoa!). If I don't forget, I'm recording this set, because there's no way it's not going to be nuts.

It starts on Saturday, September 5th at noon and takes place on five stages. For more information, hit the flyer above or the little tiny flyer to the right.
Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sailfest Saturday Night: The Redux

So last weekend was Sailfest in New London, CT and I was booked for a dance party Saturday night at The Oasis Pub, which is essentially my local residence. About two blocks down a fight breaks out at another bar (which usually happens on any given night at that establishment) then a fight breaks out at the bar next door. While everyone is having a great time dancing away and definitely not fighting, the cops decided it's time to shut down all of Downtown New London...not even an hour into my DJ set. Rad. New London Party Defecaters.

After my good friend Sean gave the announcement of what happened, I dropped the classic Eazy-E line "fuck the police and a 502" and the crowd went crazy. In that announcement we decided we would make it up to everyone the following weekend, and this is what it is, The Redux. I plan on recording this set to add to my neglected live mix series Agoraphobia. If you're in the area click the flyer above for details or just CLICK HERE.
Thursday, July 10, 2014

SailFest 2014

Anyone in Connecticut and even the southern area of Rhode Island are familiar with SailFest, at least I think so. It's an annual event that takes place the second weekend of July in the downtown waterfront district of New London, CT where a lot of the local establishments throw events. Bank Street and State Street are closed off and are lined with street vendors. Lots of street food, and if you follow my social networking accounts, you know I'm all about that. I'm really excited for the gyros again. Here's a map of downtown New London showing where everything is happening:
2013-SailfestMap_FINAL 13
Most of the art galleries will be having art shows showcasing some of our local artists while all of he downtown music venues will be showcasing local bands. Here's where my involvement comes in. Now, I haven't been booked for a SailFest in at least five years. This year I'm booked this Friday and Saturday nights for the festivities. Friday night I'm DJing the SailFest Friday Rap Extravaganza with my good friends Joey Batts & Them, NME the Illest, Camacho, Erik Lamb, Skobie Won, The 17th and Stryfe. Saturday night I'm DJing at The Oasis Pub (clearly my home base for DJing in New London) for their SailFest 2014 Weekend which kicks off tonight (Thursday) with my friend DJ Charlie Chaplin. Saturday The Fly Ones (Camacho, Louie Rock and Danj) celebrate the release of their EP followed by The Hempsteadys (aka the Wu-Tang of Ska) then we're ending the night with a classic dance party by yours truly. Sort of considering the idea of recording this one, because it should be pretty off the wall. If you're in the area, come on down.